Meet Our Military Student Services Team

Our military student services team is here to help you succeed. 

Penn State has many additional services for military and veteran students. You can explore topics and policies such as priority registration, disability services, awarding academic credit for military training and experience, military withdrawal and more by visting our Military Services page.

Undergraduate military students are advised by trained military academic advisers. You’ll work with your adviser to plan your academic program, stay on track to graduate, choose courses, and manage the impact of deployments, trainings and relocations. You may be concerned that your obligations will stand in the way of your academic studies. Your adviser understands the strains and constraints that you face and is here to help you in any circumstance that might arise.   

Academic Advisers

Click on your adviser’s name to learn more about them. You can always make an appointment with your adviser through Starfish. Navigate to the network tab and click on adviser to schedule your appointment. Tip: Your adviser will share online resources with you, so it is helpful for you to be at a computer while you talk.

If you don’t think you’ve been assigned an academic adviser, please email the advising department so that we can get you connected. 

You can help us provide the best support possible. Please leave feedback about your recent advising appointment by emailing [email protected].


Alma Biekert

Phone: 814-863-9743
Email: [email protected]


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Mandy Biddle 

Phone: 814-867-3669  
Email: [email protected]



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John Carter 

Phone: 814-867-4711
Email: [email protected]



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Melissa Coles

Phone: 814-865-9559
Email: [email protected]



Learn more about Melissa

Julian Fung

Phone: 814-863-5164
Email: [email protected]


Learn more about Julian

Rebecca Marcum

Phone: 814-863-6705 
Email: [email protected]


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Barbra McDill

Phone: 814-863-6713
Email: [email protected]


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Cheryl Miller  

Phone: 814-865-1177
Email: [email protected]



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John Mills

Phone: 814-863-8301
Email: [email protected] 



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Rose Petrunyak 

Phone: 814-865-0100
Email: [email protected]



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Jorge Trevino 

Phone: 814-867-4714
Email: [email protected]



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Andrea Woerman

Phone: 814-863-6343
Email: [email protected]



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