Student ID Card

Penn State World Campus students are eligible to receive Penn State student identification cards, which can be used wherever student discounts are offered — bookstores, conferences, movie theaters, performing arts centers, etc. You must submit a request to receive your id+ card, and you can upload your own photo.

Obtaining Your Penn State id+ Card

There are two ways for Penn State World Campus students to obtain a Penn State id+ Card — submitting your request online or visiting an id+ office in person.

In order to receive your Penn State id+ Card, you must have courses scheduled in LionPATH and must submit a picture for your ID card (required for all World Campus students).

If you have any questions, please contact the ID office at 814-865-7590.

You can request your id+ card online, by submitting a headshot photo and uploading a valid government-issued photo identification. The photo must meet the photo requirements listed on this page to be approved.  

Your id+ card will be mailed to your permanent home address. You can review and update your address via the Account Management portal at You can expect to receive your id+ card 4–6 weeks after submitting your request. 

If you are near an id+ office or plan to visit, you can have your photo taken and your id+ card printed at the time of your visit.   

You will need to bring a valid form of photo identification: State Driver's License, Passport, U.S. Military ID, State-Issued Photo ID, Government-Issued Photo ID, or Permanent Resident Card.  

Note that if you would like to visit a campus location to have your photo taken and your card printed, you should first contact the campus location to ensure that the location is producing id+ cards and for hours of operation.  

id+ Card Photos

Penn State id+ Cards include a student's photo (similar to a driver's license). Penn State World Campus students can upload a photo for their id+ Card. Photos must meet our id+ card photo requirements.

Your photo must be:  

  • Cropped to show you from slightly above your head to the middle of your chest  
  • Taken against a plain, light background 
  • In color, without filters 
  • Without sunglasses or a hat 
  • Taken in full-face view, directly facing the camera 
  • With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open 
  • With no other person visible in the frame 

Lost or Damaged id+ Cards 

Lost, stolen, or damaged cards may be replaced for a $20 fee. You can request a replacement card online, and you may choose to keep your existing photo or upload a new photo for your replacement card. 

To pay the $20 fee, you will need to deposit $20 into your LionCash account. Your LionCash account is an account tied to your id+ card, which you can use to pay this fee and for purchases from certain merchants. You can deposit money into your LionCash account using a debit or credit card — Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. 

Once you have submitted the deposit and, if you wish to do so, uploaded your replacement photo online, please email the id+ card office at [email protected] to notify us of your replacement card request. 

Contact the id+ Card Office at [email protected] with any questions.