Course Materials

Find Out What Materials and Software You Will Need

You can find the required materials for your courses by viewing the course details in LionPATH or by using the public class search. If you plan to purchase materials through Barnes and Noble College (BNC), note that materials become available there four weeks before the start of the semester.

  • After clicking on your course from the Class Schedule in LionPATH, scroll up to the top of the Class Details page and find a link that reads, "View the course materials, requirements, and a sample syllabus." Click this link.
  • On this page, required course materials can be found in the section with the Required Materials header.
  • Important Note: On the LionPATH Class Schedule page, there will be a link that says "View Books" at the bottom of the details. That link will not work. Please be sure to scroll to the top, click on the section number, and then use the "View the course materials, requirements, and a sample syllabus" link instead.

  • After using the class search tool to locate your class and section, click on the class number or section number links to view more information.
  • On the Class Detail page in LionPATH, scroll to the top of the page to find a link that reads "View the course materials, requirements, and a sample syllabus." Click this link.
  • On this page, required course materials can be found in the section with the Required Materials header.

Information about your course materials will include the title, edition, author, ISBN, and sources. Whether you choose to purchase materials from BNC or from another source, be sure the ISBN and edition are correct.

Obtaining Course Materials

You can order your books and materials through BNC — either by renting or purchasing — four weeks before your course starts.

You will be responsible for purchasing books and materials required for your courses before your courses begin. Penn State does not provide book vouchers or direct payments to suppliers. Please note that your excess financial aid is not immediately available for these purchases. You can monitor aid disbursement and check on the status of your excess aid refund in the "My Finances" section in the Student Center in LionPATH.

Important: World Campus is not responsible for refunding the cost of your course materials (purchased through BNC or any other vendor) under any circumstances. We recommend ordering all textbooks for World Campus courses through BNC. If your World Campus course is canceled, BNC will refund the cost according to their return policy. If you purchase materials from a provider other than BNC, you are responsible for verifying that the edition of the text is exactly the one required for your course; you are also responsible for knowing that vendor's return policy in the event your course is canceled.

How to Buy from BNC

  • Shop on the Penn State World Campus section of the virtual bookstore or call 800-325-3252; identify yourself as a Penn State World Campus student and provide your course number(s).
  • Pay using VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
  • Your order will be shipped within 24 hours. 

If you’re renting books, you must return them at the end of your courses. If they are not postmarked for return within 15 days after the end of your course, you’ll be charged a pro-rated rental amount, which will automatically renew every 15 days until you reach the retail value of the book or the rental book is returned.

  • BNC allows books/materials (new or used) to be returned within 14 days of a course’s start date or the date received (whichever is later) for a full refund. Electronic content such as access key codes and eBooks are nonrefundable.
  • BNC will buy back (as used) all books having a resale value. Items not eligible for buyback include study guides, working papers, audio- and videotapes, reprints, and custom publications.

Software and Other Technology Resources

Visit the Technology and Software page to learn more about JourneyEd, WebApps, and other available tools.