Transferring Credits

At Penn State, transfer credits may be awarded for college-level work taken at regionally accredited institutions, provided that several requirements are met. 

Credits from another institution can transfer into Penn State in a variety of ways, and the college in which the student is enrolled will determine how transfer credits will be used to meet degree requirements. For more information on Penn State credit equivalencies, visit Understanding Your Transfer Credit. 

You will need to submit an official transcript from each institution where you completed courses. A $25 processing fee may be assessed for each transcript, regardless of whether transfer credit is earned, for courses that you completed elsewhere after enrolling at Penn State. If you completed courses at another institution before enrolling at Penn State, the transcript processing fee will not be charged. 

Please be advised that your tuition may increase when transfer credits are applied to your transcript. For more details, visit the Penn State Bursar Office website. 

Helpful Resources 

To help you navigate the transfer credit process at Penn State, our team has created resources you can review and return to at any time. We offer videos, infographics, and tip sheets to help you understand the transfer credit information you will receive and steps you may need to take.  

Tips for Requesting Syllabi from Other Institutions 

For more information on obtaining syllabi from institutions you previously attended, review the Tips For Requesting and Providing Syllabi document. Ensure you are submitting all the necessary information for your transfer course reviews. 

Transfer Credit and Your GPA 

  • Students entering Penn State with transfer credits will not earn a grade-point average (GPA) until the completion of their first Penn State course. 
  • You must be in degree status or have completed at least one 3-credit course at Penn State before any transferred credit will be recorded on your transcript. 
  • Actual letter grades are not transferred from other institutions — just credits — so your Penn State GPA will not be affected by transfer credits. 

Taking Courses Outside of Penn State 

If you are supplementing your undergraduate degree requirements by taking a course outside of Penn State, we recommend that you utilize the Transfer Credit Tool. This resource allows you to search to see how courses taken at other institutions will transfer to Penn State and to search by Penn State courses and view equivalents at other institutions. 

Assistance with Transfer Credits 

Our team of transfer credit specialists is available to help you navigate the transfer credit process. If you have any questions, you can contact us for assistance. You can make an appointment with your transfer credit specialist in Starfish or find more information about our team. 

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