Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion, equity, and diversity are central to Penn State’s commitment as a public institution of higher education to provide effective teaching for all people in our communities. Penn State’s strategic plan incorporates these priorities to creatively provide programs and environments that embrace diversity and promote the acceptance and valuing of differences.

Diversity refers to the numerical representation of faculty, staff, and students who hold different social identities, backgrounds, and experiences.

Inclusion refers to the respectful treatment of all people with recognition for the multiplicity of identities and perspectives present in a diverse community.

Equity requires attention to disparate impact, differential access, and opportunities afforded to various communities, as well as structural and systemic barriers that limit potential and possibilities.

We provide resources, support, and engagement opportunities — professionally, personally, and in student course work — that enhance that success.

Student Involvement

We appreciate the broad perspectives and lived experiences that Penn State World Campus students bring to their educational paths. There are a variety of ways you can engage with our diversity, inclusion, and advocacy team within World Campus Student Affairs.

By getting involved in these efforts, you can explore and create opportunities for students — both those like you and those you may not initially have anything in common with — to learn from each other in a supportive, educational setting.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources and Recordings

View recorded events focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion topics, and find infographics providing tips for reflecting and navigating specific situations.

Advocacy Offices

You have access to programming and resources offered by Penn State University Park advocacy offices. We encourage you to contact them directly for more information on their services. You are always welcome to contact Penn State World Campus Student Affairs for additional guidance.

  • Paul Robeson Cultural Center — hosts a variety of multicultural programs and activities, available to students via livestream or in-person
  • LGBTQA+ Student Resource Center — provides support resources to help students and others interested in LQBTQA+ issues, available digitally and in-person
  • Gender Equity Center — offers education, advocacy, referrals, and counseling to students who have been impacted by sexual or relationship violence, stalking, harassment, or other issues
  • Center for Spiritual and Ethical Development — creates programming related to community-building and education, providing safe spaces for students to explore their religious/spiritual paths
  • Office of Educational Equity — leads strategic planning for diversity and inclusion at Penn State and provides a place for students to report incidents of bias
  • Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response/Title IX — ensures compliance with Title IX, a federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, and provides support to students who may have been impacted by an incident of sexual harassment or misconduct, dating or domestic violence, stalking, or retaliation for reporting any of these acts
  • Multicultural Resource Center — advocates and provides services for multicultural students to help them succeed within the complex makeup of a large university

Diversity and Inclusion Blog Posts