Faculty Senate Petitions

A Faculty Senate Petition may be used to request an exception to a policy and/or to request a retroactive procedure. The Faculty Senate permits students to petition for exceptions to academic rules found in the Policies and Rules for Undergraduate Students. The petition provides an opportunity for a student to receive consideration on extenuating circumstances affecting their progress. Strong, documented justification must be provided to establish the circumstances to warrant an exception. The most common petitions are Retroactive Withdrawal and Retroactive Late Drop. 

A petition is initiated by speaking with your academic adviser. Your adviser will assist in gathering the documents for the petition and will submit the petition on your behalf. Once the Faculty Senate receives your petition, it will take approximately 1–3 weeks to receive a determination and you will be notified via email.

Required Documentation from Student

  1. Signed Student Petition Letter
    Review sample letters to see examples of the required elements and structure for a petition letter. Use the Student Petition Letter form to create your letter and print or save it as a PDF.
  2. Documentation
    Examples include hospital records, signed letter from physician, statement from counselor, court records, or obituary or death certificate.
  3. Signed Withdrawal Form (PDF) or Registration Drop/Add Form (PDF)
  4. Student Aid Review for Retroactive Withdrawal
    Retroactive withdrawal requests may have financial implications. To help avert financial hardships, students are required to explore the consequences that could occur if their petition is approved — such as the loss of federal financial aid, which could result in a balance being owed — prior to submitting the petition.

Your adviser will provide a copy of your transcript, petition checklist, and a letter with their recommendation.

View additional information and details regarding the Student Petition Process.