New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation (NSO) at Penn State World Campus can help you learn how to be a successful online learner. Many Penn Staters participate in some kind of New Student Orientation.

NSO is a nongraded, noncredit, mandatory course that is offered in the same way that your upcoming courses are, in the Canvas Learning Management System. By completing NSO, you’ll experience what a typical course looks like, form relationships with other online learners, and learn important details about support services at World Campus.  

NSO will take approximately 7–10 hours for you to complete. The course does not take place at a specific time, nor do you need to complete it in a single session, allowing you the flexibility to access the material on your own schedule. After you complete NSO, the course content will be available to you in Canvas to always reference at a later date.

As an undergraduate student, you are required to complete NSO before you can register for your first courses at Penn State, so be sure to access the course as soon as you can.

Steps to Accessing NSO

  1. You'll receive an email invitation detailing how and when you can access NSO, approximately two weeks after you accept your offer of admissions to Penn State.
  2. If you haven’t received an email invitation, you can check in Canvas to see if NSO 100 is listed.

For additional assistance with NSO, contact Nate McElroy, coordinator of enrollment support services, at [email protected].