SmarterMeasure is an assessment tool that helps you plan for your online education journey. The assessment gives you valuable insights into your strengths and opportunities for growth, allowing you to prepare and plan your path toward academic success.

The assessment is available to you for free and, once completed, will provide you with a detailed report with your scores displayed in easy-to-interpret graphs and text.

You will receive an invitation to schedule a SmarterMeasure consultation, during which an academic support specialist will review your results and connect you with Penn State resources specific to your interests and needs.

Steps to Complete SmarterMeasure and Build Skills for Success

Take the following steps to learn what to expect, complete the SmarterMeasure assessment, and take action based on your results to build skills that will help you succeed in your courses.

  1. Review our introduction to SmarterMeasure for more information, including how to take the assessment and why it is an excellent resource to ensure you set appropriate goals for your first semester.
  2. Take the SmarterMeasure Online Readiness Assessment.  
  3. Download and save your results.

New students will complete SmarterMeasure as part of New Student Orientation; however, you can take the SmarterMeasure assessment at any time. If you take it before you are prompted to do so in NSO, be sure to save your results for a related NSO activity.

Log in to SmarterMeasure

Username: pennstate  
Password: pennstate

View the SmarterMeasure Interpretation Guide. Examine your results, making special note of opportunities for improvement.

Contact Academic Support to schedule a consultation if you:  

  • scored below target in Typing, Reading, or Skills (Life Factors)
  • have three or more scores below target in any area(s)
  • have questions about your results

Explore the Academic Skills page. Complete modules that will promote your success at World Campus.

Seek help when you need it. Talk with your instructor or your academic adviser and explore available academic support resources.