Penn State Access Account

Your Penn State Access Account gives you access to the important systems and resources that you will need to use as a student:

  • Penn State online courses, workshops, and other resources
  • Penn State University Libraries resources
  • LionPATH, Penn State's system that contains your personal, financial, and academic records

You will also receive a Penn State email account, which you will access using Outlook in Office 365.

When You Will Receive Your Access Account

You will create an account when you apply for admission, and this will become your permanent account after you accept your offer of admission.

Undergraduate certificate and nondegree students will receive an account within one week after their enrollment form is processed.

You will receive access to your Penn State email account, and other Office 365 applications, before course registration begins for the semester in which you plan to start.

Multifactor Authentication

After you receive your Access Account, you can enroll in multifactor authentication (MFA). This will help to secure your personal information and ensure that the only person logging in to Penn State systems with your account is you. Learn more and enroll in MFA.

Access Account Requirements for Noncredit Courses

If you are enrolling in a World Campus noncredit course, you will be required to obtain a limited access account, which will provide you with a user ID and access to any websites related to your course. It will not, however, provide you with a Penn State email account or access to other University services, such as the Libraries. You can create a limited access account online at the Penn State Account Management website. You must have an active email address. If you do not have an active email address, please contact us.