Student Organizations

Penn State World Campus has many organizations and groups for students who share common interests and identities, as well as honor societies that recognize academic excellence. Getting involved can help you get to know other students and find leadership and service opportunities.

Several types of groups are available:

  • registered student organizations, which have met criteria to become officially recognized
  • interest groups working toward official recognition
  • affinity groups of students who share common identities
  • honor societies recognizing academic excellence 

Registered student organizations are groups of students who pursue a common interest and who have met criteria to become officially recognized. From clubs related to your academic program, to identity-based organizations, to service organizations, our clubs and organizations span many topics.

Active Minds

Active Minds is opening up the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued. Dedicated to building stronger families and communities through education, research, and advocacy, we believe no one should have to struggle alone. Speaking openly about mental health, we can reduce stigma, encourage help seeking, and create community. Together we can create lasting positive change. We welcome you to come share, listen, and learn from others in our group.

American Association of University Women

AAUW at Penn State World Campus is a community of leaders who are working to educate and empower women and girls. Develop leadership skills and connect with other women leaders across the globe.

Business Analytics Team (through Penn State Behrend)

The Business Analytics Team at Penn State Behrend (BAT) is open to both Penn State Behrend and Penn State World Campus students. BAT expands on what finance, accounting, and economics students are learning in class with real world analytical exercises and guest speakers. Led by Penn State alumni, faculty, and student officers, BAT helps members develop an analytical tool kit and their professional networks. Former members of this club have entered careers on Wall Street as well as in private equity, financial planning, and consulting.

Business Club at Penn State World Campus

The Business Club at Penn State World Campus provides a place for members to connect with other Penn State students who are interested in business through co-curricular experiences and virtual social events. The main goal of the organization is to learn from other members’ experiences and gain insight into the professional side of business while engaging in student-led, student-driven activities. For additional information, complete the Student Organization Interest Form.

Digital Multimedia Design Club

The Digital Multimedia Design (DMD) Club at Penn State World Campus aims to foster a student community for the DMD program and provide members with the opportunity to interact with professionals, alumni, and other students with similar interests and goals. In addition, the club strives to provide insight into current research practices and career options within the digital media and design fields. If you're interested in the DMD Club, complete the Student Organization Interest Form.

Delta Gamma Chi

Delta Gamma Chi is a service sorority exclusively present at Penn State World Campus, open to all undergraduate and graduate students. The organization's philanthropy revolves around World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help “conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.” We offer virtual monthly chapter meetings and hangouts to establish goals, plan service/philanthropic activities, create relationships, and support members through their own personal journeys. Delta Gamma Chi is an inclusive student organization that exemplifies acceptance, equality, and unity. We are built around the principles of light, energy, and new beginnings.

Financial Management Association (through Penn State Behrend)

Affiliated with the parent organization Financial Management Association International (FMA), the FMA Student Chapter at Behrend is open to both Penn State Behrend and Penn State World Campus finance majors. All meetings and speakers scheduled to take place at the Behrend campus will also be available live through Zoom. The FMA club assists in the professional, educational, and social development of students interested in corporate finance, banking, investments, and portfolio management. This chapter hosts a minimum of eight professional speakers and takes two corporate/financial institution tours per academic year.

Homecoming Committee

The Homecoming Committee will work with University Park for future homecoming celebrations. The committee’s main tasks will include activity planning and coordination for the event. Visit the Homecoming Committee website for more information and complete the Student Organization Interest Form to get involved.

Military Service Organization

The Military Service Organization at Penn State World Campus is directed toward the mutual aid, social and intellectual growth, and preservation of the common interests of students in our communities who are veterans, active duty, military spouses, and allies of the Armed Forces. If you're interested in the Military Service Organization, complete the Student Organization Interest Form.

Penn State World Campus for THON

This organization is serving as the official source for Penn State World Campus student support of THON. As such, Penn State World Campus for THON will bring together students from all backgrounds and locations in order to spread awareness and fundraise for the Four Diamonds Fund, the entity that has helped countless families affected by pediatric cancer. Learn more about Penn State World Campus for THON.

Pride World Campus

Pride World Campus provides LGBTQ+ World Campus students with a safe space where they will be accepted and supported. We offer frequent virtual meetups where members can speak freely and openly about themselves and LGBTQ+ related events. In addition, we can act as a resource guide for LGBTQ+ students despite location or background. If you're interested in Pride World Campus, complete the Student Organization Interest Form.

Psychology Club

Created by undergraduate psychology students, the World Campus Psychology Club provides students with a way to connect with students and faculty involved with the psychology program. You will have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences, support one another in a friendly environment, and help plan speakers, events, projects, and everything else that goes on in the club.

Society for Human Resource Management

The Virtual Society for Human Resource Management (Virtual SHRM) Chapter is affiliated with Penn State World Campus as well as the Society for Human Resource Management. It provides networking, resources, guidance, educational growth, and Human Resources knowledge to our members. The objective of the Society for Human Resource Management is to connect World Campus human resources (HR) students to professional and educational resources while offering a community to further HR knowledge, practice, and scholarship.

Society of Law and Sociology

The Society of Law and Sociology (SLS) provides a space for students interested in law and sociology to connect and share. The organization's mission is to foster student thought, awareness, and engagement; to serve as a resource for social support; and to highlight additional resources and platforms where students can discuss and learn about these topics. While primarily focused on engaging Penn State World Campus students, this organization is open to students from all Penn State campuses.

Software Development Organization

The Software Development Organization serves Penn State World Campus students interested in all aspects of software development, including topics related to software engineering, computer science, computer engineering, and professional development in these fields. Members have the opportunity to network with industry professionals involved in the software development field, as well as network with other World Campus students to collaborate and grow as students and professionals. The organization participates in coding competitions and collaborative programming projects. Members are provided with articles and media related to the field, as well as educational, internship, and employment opportunities. To express an interest in the Software Development Organization, complete the  Student Organization Interest Form.

Students with Children Club

The World Campus Students with Children Club (WCSWC) advocates for and supports students who balance their studies with their role as a parent. The goals of the club include establishing a scholarship for student parents, providing a safe space for parents to discuss their challenges and successes, hosting a podcast, and being a voice for student parents at Penn State.

Sustainability Club

Sustainability is a universal concern. The World Campus Sustainability Club connects our students across the globe with Penn State staff and faculty who are focused on preserving our environment.

Video Games Club

The purpose of the Video Games Club at Penn State World Campus is to provide a space for those interested in video games to socialize and discuss the medium. The club will be providing a space to play games competitively and cooperatively, create and participate in video game industry–related events, and help connect students around the world through their interest in video games.

World Campus Blue & White Society

Joining the World Campus Blue & White Society — the student arm of the Alumni Association — is a perfect way to engage with the Penn State community through a diversified experience. Begin your involvement with the Penn State community that will last a lifetime. It immediately makes you part of the world's largest dues-paying alumni association, a global network of more than 775,000 Penn Staters, and opens doors to exclusive networking, volunteering, and leadership opportunities. Best of all, as a student, you receive all of the benefits of a Penn State alumni member.

Interest groups are led and maintained by students with a goal of forming an officially recognized organization. Creating or joining an interest group can provide a valuable opportunity to learn new skills and develop yourself as a student leader. As a group member, you will determine group programs, events, and advocacy, and work toward official recognition.

All recognized student organizations start as an interest group and follow the process to form an official organization. While there may or may not be active interest groups at all times, the variety of groups listed as official student organizations reflects the success of our interest groups in completing the recognition process and moving forward as official organizations.

Crafts 4 Causes

The goals for Crafts 4 Causes are to create, help, inspire, provide, and share. We pride ourselves on our homemade crafts. We create each piece with love and to help a charity in our community, and we help each another when times are tough. We pride ourselves on inspiring, sharing our thoughts, allowing free space to explore new ideas, and providing for the less fortunate. We want to share a feeling of joy when a family receives a hand-knit scarf or a crocheted blanket. If you're interested in Crafts 4 Causes, complete the Student Organization Interest Form.

Sports Talk

Sports Talk is a community of sports fanatics and enthusiasts who enjoy discussing and interacting in an inclusive and friendly environment about the latest sporting events, player performances, or any major news. This group can also help you become more knowledgeable about any sport you might have considered looking at. Let's talk some sports! To express an interest in the Sports Talk, complete the  Student Organization Interest Form

Affinity groups can help you feel more supported and connected to peers who share your identity. Involvement in an affinity group can benefit each member’s personal and professional growth and produce dialogue that can influence the growth of the broader community. These groups are facilitated by World Campus Student Affairs staff members, with the goal of developing student leadership and establishing a student organization.

Students of Color Affinity Group

The Students of Color Affinity Group provides a supportive environment and facilitates discussion of topics of importance to students of color. Complete the Student Organization Interest Form if you’re interested in this affinity group.

Honor societies are organizations that recognize academic excellence. Typically, membership is by invitation or application, and students must meet certain eligibility criteria determined by each society. Honor societies often have membership dues.

Alpha Sigma Lambda

Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL) is America's only chapter-based honor society celebrating the scholarship and leadership of full- and part-time undergraduate adult learners. World Campus students are eligible for membership through Pi Delta Chi, the Penn State University Park chapter. Each spring semester, new students are inducted into the honor society, and this lifetime membership is free and offered by invitation only. Alpha Sigma Lambda also offers scholarships to all currently enrolled students. Learn more about Alpha Sigma Lambda eligibility, membership, and scholarship opportunities.

Phi Delta Phi

Undergraduate Penn State World Campus students are now eligible for membership in Phi Delta Phi, an international legal honor society and the oldest legal organization in continuous existence in the United States. The affiliation opens opportunities for World Campus students, regardless of major, to be members of this recognized organization as well as engage with the chapter Hall through video conferencing, webinars, and social media. The Pennsylvania State University Hall looks forward to supporting Hall members in their pursuit of law school and/or pre-law studies through information regarding networking opportunities, LSAT preparation, applying to law school, and research and internship opportunities. For additional information, contact Mianna Morrison at [email protected].

Psi Chi

Penn State World Campus Psi Chi is an International Honor Society in Psychology comprising many students from different areas of the world. Together, we are dedicated to advancing excellence in the science of psychology and offering research and career opportunities, networking, scholarships, and more. Psi Chi fosters excellence in scholarship not just in psychology but in other fields as well. For more information, visit the Psi Chi website.

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