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Registered student organizations are groups of students who pursue a common interest. From clubs related to your academic program to identity-based organizations to Greek letter organizations, our clubs and organizations span many topics. 

Active Minds

Active Minds is opening up the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued. Dedicated to building stronger families and communities through education, research, and advocacy we believe no one should have to struggle alone. Speaking openly about mental health, we can reduce stigma, encourage help seeking, and create community. Together we can create lasting positive change. We welcome you to come share, listen and learn from others in our group. We Are, making mental health an easier topic to talk about.

American Association of University Women

AAUW at Penn State World Campus is a community of leaders who are working to educate and empower women and girls. Develop leadership skills and connect with other women leaders across the globe. 

Beta Alpha Pi  

As a service fraternity, Beta Alpha Pi seeks to serve our campus and local communities through actions and leadership, and to positively mentor students. Our goal is to leave a positive impact on fellow students and on Penn State World Campus as a whole. Complete this form if you're interested in Beta Alpha Pi.

Blue & White Society

Join the biggest, the best, and the most ambitious alumni association in the world. For $15 a year, you can become a member of the World Campus chapter of the Blue & White Society, the student contingent of the Penn State Alumni Association. 

Business Club  

The Business Club at Penn State World Campus provides a place for members to connect with other Penn State students who are interested in business. The main goal of the organization is to learn from other members’ experiences and gain insight into the professional side of business using a variety of different methods. Complete this form to express an interest in the Business Club.

Digital Multimedia Design Club

The Digital Multimedia Design (DMD) Club at Penn State World Campus aims to foster a student community for the DMD Program and provide members with the opportunity to interact with professionals, alumni, and other students with similar interests and goals. In addition, the club strives to provide insight into current research practices and career options within the digital media and design fields. Complete this form if you're interested in the DMD.

Delta Gamma Chi

Delta Gamma Chi is a service sorority exclusively present at Penn State World Campus, open to all undergraduate and graduate students. The organization's philanthropy revolves around WWF, World Wildlife Fund, to help “conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.” We offer virtual monthly chapter meetings and hangouts to establish goals, plan service/philanthropic activities, create relationships, and support members through their own personal journeys. Delta Gamma Chi is an inclusive student organization that exemplifies acceptance, equality, and unity. We are built around the principles of light, energy, and new beginnings.

Homecoming Committee

The Homecoming Committee will work with University Park for future homecoming celebrations. The committee’s main tasks will include activity planning and coordination for the event. Visit the Homecoming Committee website for more information and submit the interest form to get involved.

International City/County Management Association

The International City/County Management Association is the premier organization of professional local government leaders building sustainable communities to improve lives worldwide. ICMA creates excellence in local governance by developing and fostering professional local government management worldwide. The organization aims to provide technical and management assistance, training, and information resources in the areas of performance measurement, ethics education and training, community and economic development, environmental management, technology, and other topics to its members and the broader local government community. Complete this form to express an interest in ICMA.

Military Service Organization

The Military Service Organization at Penn State World Campus is directed toward the mutual aid, the social and intellectual growth, and the preservation of the common interests of  students in our communities who are veterans, active duty, military spouses, and allies of the Armed Forces. Complete this form if you're interested in the Military Service Organization.

Penn State World Campus for THON

This organization is serving as the official source for Penn State World Campus student support of THON. As such, Penn State World Campus for THON will bring together students from all backgrounds and locations in order to spread awareness and fundraise for the Four Diamonds Fund, the entity that has helped countless families affected by pediatric cancer. Complete this form to express an interest in THON.

Pride World Campus 

Pride World Campus provides LGBTQ+ World Campus students with a safe space where they will be accepted and supported. We offer frequent virtual meetups where members can speak freely and openly about themselves and LGBTQ+ related events. In addition, we can act as a resource guide for LGBTQ+ students despite location or background. Complete this form if you're interested in Pride

Psychology Club

Created by undergraduate psychology students, the World Campus Psychology Club provides students with a way to connect with students and faculty involved with the psychology program. You will have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences, show support for one another in a friendly environment, and help plan speakers, events, projects, and everything else that goes on in the club.

Society for Collegiate Social Science Researchers

The Society for Collegiate Social Science Researchers (SCSSR) provides a supportive learning environment for getting started in undergraduate research. Our goal is to assist members in preparing for poster sessions, journal publication, and conference presentations on the local, state and national level. 

Society for Human Resource Management

The Virtual Society for Human Resource Management Chapter (Virtual SHRM) is affiliated with Penn State World Campus as well as the Society for Human Resource Management for the purposes of networking, providing resources, guidance, educational growth, and Human Resources knowledge to our members. The objective of the Society for Human Resource Management is to connect World Campus human resources (HR) students to professional and educational resources while offering a community to further HR knowledge, practice, and scholarship.

Software Development Organization

The Software Development Organization serves Penn State World Campus students interested in all aspects of software development, including topics related to software engineering, computer science, computer engineering, and professional development in these fields. Members have the opportunity to network with industry professionals involved in the software development field, as well as network with other World Campus students to collaborate and grow as students and professionals. The organization is participating in coding competitions and collaborative programming projects that members can optionally attend. Members are provided with articles and media related to the field, as well as educational, internship, and employment opportunities. Complete this form to express an interest in Software Development Organization

Students with Children Club

The World Campus Students with Children Club (WCSWC) advocates for and supports students who balance their studies with their role as a parent. Goals of the club include establishing a scholarship for student parents, providing a safe space for parents to discuss their challenges and successes, hosting a podcast, and being a voice for student parents at Penn State.

Sustainability Club

Sustainability is a universal concern. The World Campus Sustainability Club connects our students across the globe with Penn State staff and faculty focused on preserving our environment. 

Technology Club

The World Campus Technology Club is a networking and resource-sharing platform for students with an interest in information technology and information security. The club encourages innovation and collaboration through idea-sharing, information sessions, and special events. 

Video Games Club

The purpose of the Video Games Club at Penn State World Campus is to provide a space for those interested in video games to socialize and discuss the medium. The club will be providing a space to play games competitively and cooperatively, create and participate in video games industry-related events, and also help connect students around the world through their interest in video games. 

Student Organization Interest Groups

You can also join one or more interest groups designed to help develop new student organizations. These organizations, led and maintained by students, provide a valuable opportunity to learn new skills and develop yourself as a student leader. As a group member, you will work toward several goals, including becoming a recognized Penn State World Campus student organization, and determining group programs, events, or advocacy. 

Student Affinity Groups

Affinity groups can help you feel more supported and connected to peers who share your identity. Involvement in an affinity group can benefit each member’s personal and professional growth, and produce dialogue that can influence the growth of the broader community. These groups are facilitated by World Campus Student Affairs staff members, with the goal of developing student leadership and establishing a student organization. Currently, we have two affinity groups, the Black Student Affinity Group and the Latinx Student Affinity Group. Complete this form if you're interested in affinity groups