Proctored Exams

The Proctor's Role

Your proctor is responsible for maintaining the academic integrity of the exam process on behalf of Penn State. If the proctor believes that the exam process has been compromised, he or she can interrupt the exam. Whether or not the exam is stopped, the proctor will report the incident to World Campus and share the information with your course instructor, who will decide on the appropriate action, consistent with the University's policy on academic integrity.

Using Honorlock for Online Proctored Exams (For Eligible Courses)

Most Penn State World Campus courses use Honorlock to administer online proctored exams. Consult your course syllabus to determine if your exams will support Honorlock. If your course is using the online proctoring tool, follow the Honorlock instructions to set up an account and schedule an exam.

Who Are Honorlock's Proctors?

Honorlock’s proctors are highly trained individuals who go through a rigorous process of selection, including background checks and comprehensive training. All proctors have a college degree and advanced technical and communication skills, and have completed online courses. 

Terms of Service

By enrolling in courses that require online proctoring, you consent to the use of the proctoring software selected by your instructor, including but not limited to any audio and/or visual monitoring which may be recorded, as described on this page. Please contact your course instructor with any questions about how proctoring is used in your course.