Dropping a Course

You can drop a course before the regular drop deadline or the late drop deadline, with certain requirements and restrictions. Before you decide whether to drop a course, it is important to work with your academic adviser to understand how changing your schedule will fit into your academic plan. Contact your adviser before making any registration changes.

Course Drop Deadlines

There are two course drop deadlines each semester: the regular drop deadline and the late drop deadline. There are academic and financial implications for dropping a course before each of these deadlines, and your adviser can help you consider how dropping a course may impact you.

For standard semester-length courses, you can find these deadlines on the Academic Calendar. You can find the specific deadlines for your courses in LionPATH.

Regular Drop Deadline

For standard semester-length courses, the regular drop deadline is six calendar days after the semester begins. There is no limit to the number of courses you can drop before this deadline, and courses you drop before this deadline will not appear on your academic record.

Late Drop Deadline

The late drop deadline for each course is on the day when approximately 80 percent of the course is complete. There is no limit to the number of courses you can drop before this deadline. Courses you late drop will be entered with a notation of the late drop on your academic record. In addition, a $6 fee will be charged for each course that you late drop.

Important Financial Considerations

Changing your overall number of credits after your course begins can have financial implications. Your individual financial implications may depend on several factors:

  • Tuition Adjustments: The Tuition Adjustment Policy determines the percentage of tuition that you will be charged if you drop a course after the regular drop deadline. The longer you stay in the course, the higher the percentage of tuition that you will be charged.
  • Full-time or part-time student status: Whether your bill is adjusted for a dropped course, and the amount it may be adjusted by, will depend on whether you are in full-time or part-time status.
  • Financial aid: Dropping a course may affect your financial aid, which may then affect any adjustments to your bill.

Additionally, the University charges a $6 per course processing fee for any course that is late dropped.

You can find out more about your individual circumstances and the financial implications that dropping a course may have for you by contacting us:

  • If you are using financial aid, you can contact the Penn State World Campus Financial Aid Office at 814-867-4244 or [email protected].
  • For billing questions not related to financial aid, you can contact the Penn State World Campus Bursar Office at 814-863-8300 or [email protected].

How to Drop a Course

You can drop a course in LionPATH,  until the late drop deadline for the semester. View a tutorial to learn how to drop a course.

Withdrawing from the Semester

If you are planning to drop all of your courses for the semester, you will have to complete a withdrawal.