Academic Advising

Undergraduate Students

Your academic adviser can help you be successful in your educational journey. You’ll form a collaborative relationship with your adviser to plan your academic program, stay on track with your goals, choose courses that meet requirements and your interests, and find answers to your questions. Your adviser will always help you formulate the most progressive plan in hopes that the end result will be graduation.

To make sure you’re on track with meeting your degree requirements, we recommend contacting your adviser at least once a semester, as well as during the following scenarios:

  • course planning or anytime you have questions about your degree audit or requirements
  • transferring credits into Penn State
  • declaring a minor or pursuing a double major
  • if you are thinking about dropping a course during the semester, or withdrawing from all courses
  • when you are ready to graduate
  • you’re not sure where to go for help

Your adviser is here to help you and provide support along the way. Here are some things that you may want to consider or prepare prior to meeting with your adviser:

  • review our student checklist on how to prepare for your courses
  • review academic requirements and major check sheets
  • draft semester by semester plans that include your educational goals and graduation timeline using recommended academic plans
  • be in front of your computer or tablet to review information electronically
  • be prepared to make decisions; your adviser is here to help you and provide support and guidance along the way
  • consider the amount of time that you have to dedicate to your studies
  • prepare specific questions you want your academic adviser to answer

Schedule an Appointment

You can make an appointment with your adviser through Starfish. Navigate to the network tab and click on adviser to schedule your appointment.

Meet Your Adviser

You can find a comprehensive list of our academic advising staff who will help you on your academic journey.

Graduate Students

As a graduate student through Penn State World Campus, you will be advised by Penn State faculty from your degree program. You will work with your adviser to plan your path through a program and to help find answers to other academic questions you may have. If you’re not sure who your adviser is, visit the “My Degree or Certificate” section and select your program to find general contact information.

For questions related to your student record or processes, such as changing majors, please contact Penn State’s Graduate School at 814-865-1795 or [email protected].