Student Government

World Campus Student Government Association

Mission, Vision and Purpose

The mission of WCSGA at Penn State University is to advocate for the student body to enhance our student experience. The Pennsylvania State University recognizes that online learners are a unique, independent, and cooperative body of learners within Penn State. Therefore, the WCSGA is established to advocate for the needs of this unique student body and to provide opportunities for students to become more recognized as equal participants in the Penn State learning community. This governing body will operate within the framework of the University and strive to provide representation that is accountable, effective, equitable, and in the best interest of all students.

The WCSGA at Penn State is a recognizable and engaged governing body that enhances each student’s daily experience by improving conditions that lead to personal success, preserving student rights, and providing exceptional representation for the World Campus student body. WCSGA serves as the official voice of students in the shared governance process at Penn State World Campus and maintains collaborative relationships with faculty and administrators while providing student perspectives that are considered at all levels of University decision-making. Furthermore, WCSGA accepts a strict standard of accountability for organizational effectiveness and will continue to provide services that contribute to the personal and professional development of our entire university community.

The purpose of the WCSGA at the Pennsylvania State University is to:

  • Represent the interests and concerns of World Campus students at the Pennsylvania State University.
  • To provide representation for World Campus students regarding shared governance.
  • To maintain collaborative relationships with faculty and administrators on behalf of the students.


Elections are held each spring for Executive Board and Committee Chair positions. 

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To view the current elected officers and get more information about the WCSGA, visit their website