Student Government


World Campus Student Government Association

Mission, Vision, and Purpose

The mission of the World Campus Student Government Association (WCSGA) at Penn State is to advocate for the student body to enhance our student experience. The Pennsylvania State University recognizes that online learners are a unique, independent, and cooperative body of learners within Penn State. Therefore, the WCSGA is established to advocate for the needs of this unique student body and to provide opportunities for students to become more recognized as equal participants in the Penn State learning community. This governing body will operate within the framework of the University and strive to provide representation that is accountable, effective, equitable, and in the best interest of all students.

The WCSGA at Penn State is a recognizable and engaged governing body that enhances each student’s daily experience by improving conditions that lead to personal success, preserving student rights, and providing exceptional representation for the World Campus student body. WCSGA serves as the official voice of students in the shared governance process at Penn State World Campus and maintains collaborative relationships with faculty and administrators while providing student perspectives that are considered at all levels of University decision-making. Furthermore, WCSGA accepts a strict standard of accountability for organizational effectiveness and will continue to provide services that contribute to the personal and professional development of our entire University community.

The purpose of the WCSGA at The Pennsylvania State University is to:

  • represent the interests and concerns of World Campus students at The Pennsylvania State University
  • provide representation for World Campus students regarding shared governance
  • maintain collaborative relationships with faculty and administrators on behalf of the students

Requirements to Hold Office

Membership in WCSGA shall be open to all full-time and part-time students (including certificate and non-degree students) who are currently enrolled, with continuous enrollment, and in good standing within Penn State World Campus that meet the following conditions:

  • Must have completed at least 1 full semester at Penn State World Campus prior to election
  • Must maintain a minimum of 3 credit hours for executive officer role per semester throughout the academic year
  • All students elected to office in the WCSGA are expected to remain in office for a period of no less than 1 full academic year


These descriptions are examples of the type of work each office will be responsible for. 

  • President — Shall head up Executive Board and attend all meetings; prepare, approve, and distribute meeting agendas; pursue discussion and involvement of Executive Board in issues of concern; advise committee directors and assist in the performance of their duties and responsibilities; approve or veto all legislation passed; and submit an end-of-year report upon completion of his/her term of office
  • Vice President — Attend all Executive Board meetings; coordinate with President on agendas; discuss Executive Board business with President; assist President in enforcing duties and responsibilities of Executive Board; assume responsibilities of vacant positions until a replacement is appointed; write governing bylaws; submit mid-year report; and assist the President in dividing committee member responsibilities and duties
  • Speaker of the Assembly — Chairs Executive Board meetings; establish and present meeting rules; coordinate agendas with President and Vice President; call informal meetings; collect questions, concerns, and ideas from students; ensure members have constitution and by-laws; assist the President in dividing committee member responsibilities and duties; oversee impeachment proceedings
  • Secretary — Keep official time and meeting minutes, and distribute minutes as appropriate; consolidate, print, and distribute meeting agenda; format and produce WCSGA newsletter; maintain WCSGA calendar; preside at meetings in absence of President and Vice President; be a standing member of WCSGA communications committee; attend all Executive Board meetings; document and maintain attendance records; post amendments and updates for constitution and bylaws to WCSGA website; keep record of WCSGA accomplishments and activities; and document WCSGA events for communications and archival purposes
  • Treasurer — Ensure the WCSGA follows established University financial policies and procedures; develop and present budget and budget report to Executive Board and Director of Student Affairs; manage and approve expenditures and reimbursements; establish and support budgeted accounts and transactions; submit a monthly report to Executive Board and academic adviser, detailing previous month’s financial details; make monthly report available for review and download by University students, faculty, and staff; provide transition resources for the next administration; attend all Executive Board meetings
  • Academic Affairs Committee Chair — Responsible for advocating for and providing a collective voice to student representation in academic policies and procedures
  • Student Affairs Committee Chair — Represents the student voice related to services and programs such as career and mental health, student clubs and organizations, student engagement activities and events, student conduct and advocacy, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development
  • Technology Committee Chair — Responsible for advocating for improvements to technology, and liasing with key technology administrators to ensure technology enhancements are made while centering the student voice; and ensuring the student prospective is heard as it relates to online administrative and learning platforms such as LionPATH, Canvas, Penn State libraries, and emerging technologies
  • Marketing and Communications Committee Chair — Manages all external communications, social media, and website updates for WCSGA
  • Governmental Affairs Committee Chair — Represents the interests of the student body and the University to all governmental and regulatory bodies external to Penn State World Campus

Important Dates

  • Nominations for positions: February 20–February 24
  • Campaigning: March 12–March 21
  • Voting: March 22–March 24
  • Announcement of results: March 29

Please note: the Important Dates above represent the 2023-24 election.

How to Nominate

Nominations are now closed. View the list of nominees.

How to Vote

Voting for WCSGA positions is now closed.