Diversity and Inclusion

Penn State has a vision for a community that is inclusive and welcoming for all, and students from all backgrounds are welcome to attend and succeed at Penn State World Campus. We partner with many organizations at Penn State University Park campus to provide diversity and inclusion services and programming to our students in a virtual, convenient format.

Penn State World Campus also understands the diverse needs that our students have as adult learners, and strives to support students inside and outside of their courses. Our students are diverse in their home and work environments and in other aspects of their daily lives, and that leads to unique and specific needs. A student might need support with a harassment incident, or might require help navigating disability accommodations in the workplace. We hope to address these needs throughout our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Advocacy Offices

You have access to the programming and resources at the following advocacy offices at Penn State University Park campus. We encourage you to contact them directly to receive more information on their services. You are also welcome to contact Penn State World Campus Student Affairs for guidance on the services available to you.

  • Paul Robeson Cultural Center– hosts a variety of multicultural programs and activities, available to students via livestream or in-person attendance.
  • LGBTQA Student Resource Center– provides resources to help students and others interested in LQBTQ support resources, available digitally and in-person.
  • Gender Equity Center– offers education, advocacy, referrals, and counseling to students who have been impacted by sexual or relationship violence, stalking, harassment or other issues.
  • Center for Spiritual and Ethical Development– Creates programming related to community building and education, providing safe spaces for students to explore their religious/spiritual paths. 
  • Office of Educational Equity– Leads strategic planning for diversity and inclusion at Penn State, and provides a place for students to report incidents of bias.
  • Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response/Title IX– Ensures compliance with Title IX, a federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, and provides support to students who may have been impacted by an incident of sexual harassment or misconduct, dating or domestic violence, stalking or retaliation for reporting any of these acts.

Speak With Student Affairs

You may be uncertain about which advocacy offices are best suited to your needs, or have apprehension about discussing your issue. If you would prefer a more personal approach, please email Penn State World Campus Student Affairs. This office can provide you with guidance based on your specific situation and connect you with the resources you need.

You are also welcome to complete our Conduct, Care and Concern form and we will be in touch and able to discuss your particular situation.