Time Management

Explore time management strategies to help you manage your course work and other responsibilities. You can begin managing your time better by using Penn State World Campus resources to build your skills and knowledge on this topic. Even if you feel that you are not currently good at planning ahead, time management is something that you can learn, practice and improve on.

Start With a Plan 

When you start thinking about time management, it helps to make a plan. This can be as simple as making a to-do list for each day, or as detailed as planning out your semester schedule with your syllabi and any personal or professional activities. 

Set Reasonable Goals

It's important to know when you can take on more commitments, or when you might be overcommitting yourself. Set goals for yourself and your activities each semester and long-term that align with your capabilities, schedule, and overall lifestyle. 

Use Available Technology 

Our Time Management Academic Success Kit Canvas module describes two technology tools you can use to manage your time and tasks: the Microsoft Outlook calendar and Microsoft Planner. Explore other technologies available free through Penn State that you can use to your benefit.

Resources for Managing Your Time

To get started, read our top 10 tips for managing your time when you learn online. These tips can provide quick ways for you to begin thinking about improving your time management capabilities.

The Time Management Academic Success Kit Canvas module goes into greater detail about time management best practices. You can learn how to design a study space, how to make a schedule that helps you balance all of your commitments, and more.