Academic Success Kit

Welcome to the World Campus Academic Success Kit

The Academic Success Kit is a central place where students can access modules specifically designed to promote academic success at World Campus. Here you will find modules covering a wide range of topics from exam preparation to instruction on technologies that you are likely to encounter during your time as a student. If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics, simply click the associated button below to access the content.

Using The Course Syllabus 

How to interpret key course information

Note-Taking in an Online Class 

Strategies for effective note-taking and organization

Time Management 

Study space and calendar tips

Getting Prepared for a Test

Study strategies while avoiding anxiety

Learning Styles and Strategies

Find your style and how you learn best

Group Work in an Online Class

Manage group dynamics and effectiveness

Tips for Great Discussion Posts

Write appropriate, impactful posts

Frequently Used Technology

Get familiar with tools and software

Understanding SmarterMeasure

Interpret your score

Prepare for Success: Pre-Orientation

Learn the basics before meeting with your adviser

Improving Your Typing Skills

Learn to improve your typing techniques

Academic Recovery

Returning from academic warning or suspension