How to Balance School and Life Events

We understand that — as an adult learner — you may be balancing many responsibilities in addition to your studies. This can be challenging, especially when a major life event occurs and it impacts your studies. If major life events are affecting your academic performance, World Campus students have found the following strategies to be helpful.

Talk to Your Professor

Talking with your professor about the circumstances that are affecting your course work can often be very helpful. Don’t wait to do this. Remember, your professor wants you to succeed.

Communicate with Your Academic Adviser

Whether you choose to complete your courses, submit a request to your instructor to complete most of the course now and the remainder of the course later, or drop a course, your adviser can make sure that you understand the Penn State policies that will affect you.

Know the Policy on Deferring Grades

If for reasons beyond your control you are prevented from completing a course in the prescribed time frame, your instructor may defer your grade. You will need to work directly with your instructor to obtain a deferment.
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Know the Drop and Add Periods

There are designated drop and add periods at the beginning of each semester when you can drop a course without incurring a $6.00 fee.
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Learn about Late Dropping a Course

You can drop a course after the designated drop/add period and before the late-drop deadline, with certain restrictions and requirements.
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If you are unable to complete the semester, you may choose to withdraw from the University (dropping all courses). Keep in mind that withdrawing will delay your degree progress, may affect academic programming, may have financial implications, and will cancel your next semester courses if you have already registered. Withdrawals are allowed at any time during the semester, including the last day of class.
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