Request Funding

Students and student organizations can apply to receive funding from Penn State World Campus Student Affairs for programs, travel, equipment, print media, broadcast media, and operational expenses.

Funding requests are reviewed by Student Affairs on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests should be made eight weeks before funds are needed. If funding is needed in less than eight weeks, please contact Student Affairs.

You should submit the Request for Programming and Funding form before incurring the expense for which you are requesting funding. Before starting to complete the request form, please gather and prepare to enter the following information:

  • details about the expense and why you are requesting funding
  • details about the vendor or individual who will receive payment
  • any available documentation to support your request, including the item(s) or service being purchased or a travel itinerary and the price. If you have multiple documents, please collect them in a single PDF file to upload to the form.

Your request will not be reviewed until all applicable fields have been completed in the request form and all supporting documents have been provided. All documentation of expenses must be in the form of U.S. dollars and may not be converted from other currencies by the requestor. All quotes must come from service providers.

Expenses for Which Funding Can be Requested

Events and activities that occur virtually, regionally, or on/near a Penn State campus, which enhance the out-of-class experience and are open to all students at Penn State World Campus, are considered programs. These events can be anything from entertainment to education but may not include fundraising or limited-access events.

Travel to educational, performance, competition, or service activities can be covered. Examples may include student travel to conferences, workshops, service activities, regional/national competitions, and performance activities in the United States or internationally. The trips cannot be for the purpose of entertainment, for an organizational retreat, or for presenting/conducting research.

Items that are required for an organization to support the primary purpose of the organization can be funded. The items may include parts to build equipment or the equipment needed to complete a task. Items may not include resources already available from the University (PC, network connections, office furnishings), one-time-use items, or dangerous items (weapons, ammunition, blades).

Costs associated with the creation, production, and distribution of print and electronic content to students at Penn State World Campus are considered media.

Operational costs are those associated with the operation of the organization and include items like paper, pens, staplers/staples, folders, stamps/postage, and other materials needed for your organization to operate. Operational funds cannot be used for supplementing any other type of request.