Student Leadership Opportunities

Developing leadership skills can help you achieve personal growth and position yourself to reach your career goals. Penn State World Campus Student Affairs offers a wide array of opportunities through which you can assess and build your individual skills and practice leading and collaborating with others as part of a team. 

Many of these opportunities can be accessed on-demand or year-round, and you can participate in them in any order. Some programs require an application.

Individual Development 

Self-awareness and discovery are important components of leadership development. Penn State World Campus offers a number of ways you can learn more about yourself and the concepts surrounding leadership.

Leadership in Organizations 

Honing skills as a leader requires practice. Leading and collaborating as part of a team can help you build your skills while also contributing your own experience from your community and workplace.

In addition to individual training and collaboration with others in student organizations, you can also develop yourself as a leader by serving others. Learn more about service opportunities at Penn State World Campus.