Meet the Penn State World Campus Student Advisory Board

Meet the members of the Penn State World Campus Student Advisory board! Learn their majors, hometowns and why they want to serve World Campus students. 

Barry Back

Location: Kentucky
Degree and Program: Associate's in Business Administration
Committee: Marketing & Communication

"I did this to further my understanding of what the Student Advisory Board does for the student body, that way I can understand the best ways to give back to my fellow students.  To be a part of something that is bigger than me and to serve the student body, there is no greater way of giving back."

Briana Blackwell

Location: Pennsylvania
Degree and Program: Master's in Public Administration
Committee: Board Relations & Outreach

Jace Edwards

Location: Pennsylvania
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in Business
Committee: Academic Affairs

"Don't be afraid to ask questions! Online learning can be difficult adjusting to and many of your peers are more than happy to help."

Kimberly Eyssen

Location: New York
Degree and Program: Master's in Human Resources and Employment Relations
Committee: Academic Affairs

Arianna Fangonilo

Location: Alaska
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in Marketing
Committee: Marketing & Communication

 "As a member of WCSAB, I want to show that not only is your voice being heard, but there are fellow students who are willing to speak for you."

Brittany Greve

Location: New Jersey
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in Strategic Commmunications
Committee: Marketing & Communication

 "New Penn State World Campus students need to know that there are people who want to help and are there to help them. Even though you're not on a campus, you're not alone."

Kyle Harmon

Location: Indiana
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in Accounting/HPA
Committee: Academic Affairs

 "Create good study habits early, stay engaged and find somebody who will keep you accountable."

Shonna Hemmis

Location: Utah
Degree and Program: Master's in Community & Econnomic Development
Committee: Student Engagement

"I want to help Penn State World Campus students feel connected to the Penn State community!"

Shaina Klotz

Location: Pennsylvania
Degree and Program: Associate's in Labor & Human Resources
Committee: Student Engagement

Madison Laezzo

Location: Connecticut
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in Psychology
Committee: Student Engagement

Blaise Michna

Location: Michigan
Degree and Program: Master's in Electrical Engineering
Committee: Student Engagement

"Getting the chance to work on a graduate degree and engage with others in the same industry, but covering multiple states and countries, is extremely cool."

Justin Oswald

Location: Pennsylvania
Degree and Program: Master's in Project Management
Committee: Board Relations & Outreach

"We have an amazing group of students at Penn State World Campus - the WCSAB allows me to help ensure student success and outreach for all of World Campus."

Kevin Queen

Location: Nebraska
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in IST
Committee: Student Engagement 

"When I first started attending, I was expecting it to be a very isolated program where I would not interact with many other students. When I started my first semester, I saw that Penn State was different from what my friends have experienced with online learning."

Jessica Ringenary

Location: South Carolina
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in Accounting
Committee: Academic Affairs

"My favorite Penn State moment was when I realized that Penn State World Campus was the best choice I ever made during my academic career."

Alicia Rowley

Location: Pennsylvania
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in Digital Multimedia Design
Committee: Marketing & Communication

"I have been given a great opportunity to go back to school through Penn State World Campus and I want to be able to give back and help other students succeed. "

John Sage

Location: Arizona
Degree and Program: Master of Public Administration
Committee: Academic Affairs

"I feel online learning is the future of education and being able to participate at this level to help is an honor."

Christopher Scotto Dicesare

Location: Pennsylvania
Degree and Program: Associate's in Business Administration
Committee: Marketing and Communication

"When I decided to go back to school to pursue my education, I knew I would not be able to attend classes in person. When I learned about the board, I saw a great way to connect with my fellow Penn State World Campus student body."

Ayshia Sigler

Location: New York
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in Integrated Social Sciences
Committee: Student Engagement

"I am grateful for the opportunity to help engage, inform, and unite Penn State World Campus students."

Kritika Storer

Location: Massachusetts
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in Psychology
Committee: Academic Affairs

"When I had to go through a serious health crisis of a family member, all my professors in that semester were very supportive and reached out. It made me feel like I belong and am cared about - that's my favorite Penn State moment."

Juan Villar

Location: Florida
Degree and Program: Master's in Psychology of Leadership
Committee: Student Engagement

"Never give up! No matter what follow through with your goal and finish what you started."

Sean Walsh

Location: Pennsylvania
Degree and Program: Bachelor's in Information Sciences and Technology
Committee: Board Relations & Outreach