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ACT 120 Credit

ACT 120 is the Pennsylvania State Police, or Municipal Police Training program. The program helps individuals interested in police work to acquire the skills needed for them to become successful police officers. If you have received Act 120 certification, you can accelerate your degree completion by transferring credits from your police academy training to your criminal justice degree.

Penn State will award up to 7.5 credits from an Act 120 or Pennsylvania Deputy Sheriff Academy into the bachelor of science in criminal justice.

Students who wish to utilize Act 120 credits toward their criminal justice degree requirements must send their official transcript from the academy or institute to Penn State's Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Once Undergraduate Admissions receives, reviews, and posts the transcript, (if transferable credit is awarded), the student's academic adviser — along with the Criminal Justice faculty — will determine how/if the credits can be applied toward meeting criminal justice degree requirements.


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