Course Planning Tools - Business (Bachelor of Science)

Courses Required for Your Program

The course list shows all prescribed and recommended courses for your program and includes abbreviations, descriptions, prerequisites, and credits for each course.

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Course Bulletin

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Scheduling the B A Series

The B A Series consists of five courses that you will need to take over a three to four-semester sequence during the last three to four semesters of your program. Please note that this sequence cannot be shortened, so it is best to work backwards in building a graduation plan that is suitable for you. Alternative paths are suggested below.

Alternative Paths for Completing the B A Sequence
Course Sequence Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Semester 8
Preferred BA 321 BA 322,  BA 420 BA 421 BA 422W
Alternative 1 BA 322 BA 321,  BA 420 BA 421 BA 422W
Alternative 2 BA 321,  BA 322 BA 420,  BA 421 BA 422W sequence completed
Alternative 3 BA 321 BA 322,  BA 420,  BA 421 BA 422W sequence completed
Alternative 4 BA 322 BA 321,  BA 420,  BA 421 BA 422W sequence completed

Each of these sequences will meet the criteria for the course prerequisites.

Choosing between CAS 100A, 100B, and 100C

CAS 100A focuses on civil engagement and presentation skills, and will provide the opportunity to practice creating and giving different types of presentations (informative, research based, persuasive, personal). Great for those interested in sharpening presentation skills in a variety of situations and understanding how we can use our voice to engage with our communities.

CAS 100B is geared toward helping you enhance your group communication skill set. You will work with team members via video conferencing and communicating through email to complete group projects and presentations. CAS 100B is a great course if you want to further enhance your team-working skills.

CAS 100C is a course geared toward helping you supplement your individual presentation skills. This course has more writing assignments, and you will also have to complete individual speeches.

Scheduling controlled courses

Many of the business and math courses have controls, which means you cannot schedule them using eLion. This is to ensure that when you are entering the courses in the business major you have completed all of the prerequisite courses.  If you contact your adviser prior to your first day of scheduling, you will be granted permission in the registration system, so that when you call to schedule, it will be a quick process. If you do not contact your adviser in advance, the registrar will need to get permission from an adviser before you can be scheduled in the course.


If you have questions about course planning, please contact your academic advisor. If you do not know who your academic advisor is, please fill out the advising contact form