Math Essentials

Math Essentials is a noncredit, two-week program that will help you prepare for all aspects of your upcoming math course work by becoming familiar with course technologies, like the ALEKS 360 platform, and reviewing and strengthening foundational math skills. You should take the ALEKS math placement assessment and schedule your appropriate math course before taking Math Essentials.

Math Essentials program

  • Work with a math instructor to refresh your math skills and review math terminology.
  • Review time management, note-taking, and other study skills for math.
  • Learn about the technology used in Penn State math courses and how to take math online.

You will need an ALEKS 360 subscription to participate in the Math Essentials program. ALEKS 360 is also required for the Math 4, Math 21, and Math 22 courses.

ALEKS 360 is a math support resource that provides an assessment of your knowledge, as well as instructional materials and exercises you will use throughout your course. Learn more about ALEKS 360.

ALEKS 360 costs about $170 for a 52-week subscription. You can use the same subscription for two subsequent math courses. If you plan to participate in Math Essentials, you should wait to purchase ALEKS 360 until the first week of Math Essentials.

The next session of Math Essentials will run from April 12 to 26. Registration is now open.