World Campus Student Organization: Request for Programming and Funding

The emergency contact on file through LionPATH will be contacted in the event of an emergency. Emergency contact information can be updated in LionPATH.
For flights and train travel, official documentation from the airline or train company, including flight numbers, dates, and times for both departing and return flights must be submitted for each individual traveling. For buses and cars, departure date, time, and estimated arrival time is needed for both to and from the location. Official documentation from the bus company must be provided. 
Name, address, and phone number of the lodging location. 
If the travel will be in only one location (such as a conference at a hotel or convention center), the location, dates, and times are needed. If traveling during the trip (doing service projects, field trips, tours, etc.), a detailed schedule of where the group will be traveling must be included.
(See Funding Request Information document for descriptions of eligible programs, travel, equipment, media, and operational expenses.)
If applicable, please include the associated type of event/program, name of program, location of program/travel, and date and time of program/travel.