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Recovery Points Calculator

The level of academic difficulty that students experience can be measured as the number of grade points below the minimum 2.0 average. Recovery points are a quantitative measure of credits that you need to complete with a B or better to return to good academic standing, which is a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Recovery points can be useful for determining the appropriate academic recovery plans and for conversations with your academic adviser.

Recovery points should be evaluated when the cumulative GPA* is below 2.0, using this formula:

Recovery points = GPA Units x [2 - GPA]

*Cumulative GPA is based on grades (A-F) earned in classes taken at Penn State. In the above calculation, "GPA Units" are Penn State credits where a letter grade (A-F) are posted. The numbers needed for this calculation can be found in the LionPATH Student Center under Units Taken Toward GPA in the Academics tab, as well as in the unofficial advising transcript as "GPA Units."

Penn State Completed Credits *
Cumulative GPA *
Current Recovery Points

GPA Calculator

The GPA Calculator tool is for estimating semester grades and their impact on the cumulative grade point average. Use the tool to estimate your semester grades and potential cumulative GPA.

Grade Number of Credits Value
Credits of A x 4.00
Credits of A- x 3.67
Credits of B+ x 3.33
Credits of B x 3.00
Credits of B- x 2.67
Credits of C+ x 2.33
Credits of C x 2.00
Credits of C- x 1.67
Credits of D x 1.00
Credits of F x 0.00
Total Term Credits:
Estimated Term GPA:
Cumulative Credits:
Cumulative Grade Point Average:
New Projected Cumulative GPA: