Resources on Jobs, Salaries, and Graduate School

Penn State World Campus provides a variety of resources to help you advance your career. One key resource is your access to all the support provided across Penn State campuses. The Career Resource Center is a great place to start exploring everything you have access to as a Penn State student. Explore majors, career options, résumés and cover letters, interviewing, job search, and graduate school, and find other career-specific information.

Connect Your Major to the Best Career Path for You

Many students pursue their degree to make a career change. When selecting your program or focus, you can use tools like What Can I Do With This Major? and the College Board’s Big Future Major and Career Search to identify potential careers you can pursue with certain majors. This can help ensure that your skills learned in the classroom are applicable in the workforce. Similarly, you can learn which careers fit your interests and skills best via the Career InfoNet: Career Exploration tools from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Once you’ve chosen your major, use the information from your courses to build skills in the key competencies you’ll need when you start your career in that field. Using Education Crosswalk Search allows you identify competencies, tasks, and necessary skills associated with those occupations. For example, you can search “accounting,” view job titles that involve accounting skills, and see what tasks you might be completing in one of those positions.

Find an Internship or Job

Whether you’re changing careers, leveraging new skills learned in your course work, or fulfilling a major requirement, Penn State can provide valuable resources to help you find an internship or job that fits your needs.

It can be overwhelming to even know where to start looking for a new internship or job. The Internship and Job Search materials from Penn State Career Services offer helpful tips on how to find positions to apply to, such as attending in-person or virtual career fairs and searching on Nittany Lion Careers.

Don’t forget to leverage the powerful Penn State alumni network. The Penn State Alumni Association’s LionLink program allows students and alumni to network and make career connections. You can also attend virtual networking events hosted by Alumni Career Services. Once you’ve graduated, consider joining the Penn State World Campus Alumni Society LinkedIn Group and following the Penn State Alumni Association LinkedIn Page.

Once you apply and are being considered for a position, interviewing may be the next step. Penn State provides detailed interview prep information and resources that may be helpful to you during this process.

Learn if Grad School is Right for You

You may also be considering attending graduate school. Penn State provides extensive resources on deciding whether to attend, choosing a college, and more. You also may benefit from meeting with your academic adviser or with World Campus Career Services to discuss how your undergraduate program and your career goals may align with a future graduate degree.