Auditing a Course

When you audit a course, you take it without earning a letter grade or credit. The cost of the course is the same as if you took it for credit, and you may be required to participate fully in the class. Clarify the expectations with the instructor before you register. If you’re considering auditing a course, you should contact your adviser.

How Do I Audit a Course?

  1. Fill out the registration drop/add form.
  2. Write "AU" in place of credits on the form.
  3. Send this form by post, email, or fax to:

World Campus Registrar
301 Outreach Building
University Park PA 16802

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 814-865-3290

You will receive a reply in one to two business days after the Registrar processes your request.

For More Information

Read about Penn State's policy on auditing.