Student Services

We believe that every Penn State World Campus student should feel supported when taking courses online. You're part of the Penn State family, and you should know that we're here to support you as you navigate Penn State from a distance. We have several departments devoted to serving you and better understanding both your individual needs and the needs of online learners in general.

Transfer Credit Services

Your transfer credit specialist is here to help advance your educational success through an efficient and effective review of your transfer credits. Read more about transfer credits.

Academic Advising

Work with your adviser to learn how you can be successful online and stay on track with your academic goals. Read more about academic advising.

Student Affairs

Find student support services and resources that can help boost your academic success. Read more about student affairs.

Academic Support Center

Get help with resources that can enhance your learning experience and assist you in understanding concepts and other material from your courses through coaching, consultations, and support courses. Read more about online tutoring resources.

Technology Resources

Use our resources to help master the software and other technologies required for your assignments. Read more about technology resources.

Disability Accommodations

Work with a disability services liaison to identify the accommodations you will need to pursue your degree. Penn State welcomes students with disabilities into the University's educational programs. Read more about disability services.

Library Services

Search thousands of databases and online resources offered by one of the top research libraries in the United States. Read more about library services.

Career Services

Build confidence in managing your career development — you can use on-demand career planning resources or get personalized support through career counseling. Read more about career counseling.