Student Center

Join Our Community

The World Campus Student Center is a virtual meeting space for Penn State World Campus students to connect with peers, learn about opportunities to engage, and to reflect on student experiences. The Student Center features 24-hour chat with other students, a calendar of engagement events, and easy access to support resources. You’ll be able to access the Student Center and all of its tools directly through Canvas, using a feature called Canvas Prides. 

Prides are informal collaborative spaces available in Canvas that can be created by faculty, staff, and students. Prides can be used for research/scholarship, study groups, or service. Prides share most features of your courses.

Join the Student Center

Follow these steps to enroll in the World Campus Student Center:

  1. log into Canvas
  2. from your Dashboard, click "Request a Pride" 
  3. search "World Campus Student Center" using the Pride Name field
  4. click "enroll" to join
  5. enter "We Are" in the pass code field. (Note: This code is case sensitive)
  6. the Student Center will now show in your course list

Participate in the Discussion

Discussion questions will be posted each Monday to give you and other students an opportunity to engage in conversations important to you. You can also add your own discussion threads. The Student Center is an open space, and should keep in line with the Penn State Code of Conduct.