Course List - Applied Bioinformatics (Graduate Certificate)

Course List - Graduate Certificate in Applied Bioinformatics 

Required Courses (11 credits)
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Genomics BMMB/IBIOS 551 Structure and function of genomes including use of some current web-based tools and resources for studies and research in genomics. 3 credits
Foundations in Data Driven Life Sciences BMMB/IBIOS 554 Expanded overview of current developments and technique in computational biology and genomics. 3 credits
Applied Bioinformatics BMMB 852 This course provides a foundation for students with biology backgrounds in the computational analysis and interpretation of biological data. 2 credits
Statistical Analysis of Genomics Data STAT/BIOL/IBIOS 555 Statistical analysis of high throughput biology experiments. 3 credits

For more information, visit the Applied Bioinformatics Graduate Certificate FAQ page.