Career Counseling Appointment Instructions

Register for your Nittany Lion Careers Profile

Learn how to make career counseling appointments in Nittany Lion Careers.

While most of your information is imported from LionPATH, you will need to complete:

  • Self-report major, GPA, career interests
  • Privacy agreement

To begin the registration process,

  1. Go to
  2. Select My Account and then Academic 
  3. Complete the entries for Current or Intended Major(s) *, your Cumulative GPA, and Career Interests, then select Save Changes and Continue 
  4. Under the Privacy tab, read the privacy items and respond to the * Required Fields (from User Agreement through Receive Email Job Blasts)
  5. Select Submit Request

How to Schedule an Appointment with a World Campus Career Counselor

  1. Log into Nittany Lion Careers
  2. Select Counseling & Calendar from your home screen and click on Counseling Appointment
  3. Click on the Request New Appointment button
  4. Choose your appointment Type, Date Range, Time Range, and Length
  5. Select World Campus as your Location. Then fill out the appropriate filters to search for an appointment and Check Availability
  6. Select an appointment with a staff whose name has (World Campus) next to their name
  7. Complete the required fields * in the pop-up window. Be sure to include your contact information if this is a virtual appointment.
  8. Select Submit Request

Next Steps

Your appointment request will show up as a Requested Appointment initially. Once the requested staff member confirms the appointment, it will move to Approved Appointments. You will receive email confirmations that your request has been received and then approved/rejected, along with a reminder about your appointment the day before.