Scheduling a Course

What Courses Are Being Offered?

Check for space availability in the course — Schedule of Courses

View detailed course information — Course Catalog

Note that students in degree programs have priority in registering for courses that are controlled for their major degree requirements. (Students from other majors may be able to register for any remaining available seats in these courses one week prior to the start of the semester.)

Tips on Using the Schedule of Courses:


When Can I Schedule My Course?

The first day that you may schedule World Campus course(s) is based on the total credits you have earned to date (including transfer credits). You can find this information on the Registrar's registration timetable, or you can view your registration date on your degree audit or on eLion by choosing the "Schedule" menu and selecting "Registration Calendar" from the drop down.

Note that veteran students are eligible for priority registration, which begins earlier than the standard registration dates each semester. If you are eligible, you must request priority registration in advance by submitting a form and documentation of your honorable discharge. Learn more and find the Veterans Priority Registration form on the Office of Veterans Programs website.

How Do I Schedule My Course?

Current World Campus students with an active Access Account can register on eLion.

Most new World Campus students will be prompted to activate their Access Account following their acceptance to World Campus. (Undergraduate nondegree students, reenrolling students, and graduate students in certain programs will follow a different account activation process.) You will receive an Access Account activation email within one week after you are accepted for enrollment. Go to the activation link in the email and complete all of the steps to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you will be able to schedule courses in eLion.

To schedule courses in eLion:

1. Review the Schedule of Courses to determine which courses you would like to schedule. Make a note of their course schedule numbers. You will need to enter each course schedule number in eLion to schedule the course.

2. On or after your first date to schedule courses, log in to eLion and select "Schedule" from the menu and then "Registration" from the drop down. You will need to choose the semester for which you would like to register, and re-enter your password. You will then be able to register for courses using the course schedule numbers of each course you would like to schedule.

3. Once you have scheduled courses, you still must complete your registration by paying your bill or confirming your use of financial aid. Your registration will not be considered complete until you have done this.

Once you have scheduled courses, you will be able to return to eLion to view your schedule and to drop or add courses if you wish to do so (within the established course drop and add periods).

How to Schedule a Course in eLion:


Students in Certain Programs: Submit a Course Registration Form

Graduate students in the following degree or certificate programs should schedule courses using this form: course registration form (nonstandard). You may scan this form as a PDF and attach it to an email to or fax it to 814-865-3290. Please note that for these degree and certificate programs, students will receive a bill in the mail after courses begin. Students in these programs will receive an Access Account within one week after their course registration form has been processed.

  • Enterprise Architecture (Master's Degree)
  • Homeland Security Programs (Master's Degree, including all associated options and certificates)
  • Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics (Graduate Certificate)
  • Information Sciences (Master's Degree)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Master's Degree)
  • Nuclear Engineering (Master's Degree)
  • Public Administration (Master's Degree)
  • Supply Chain and Information Systems (Master's Degree and Graduate Certificate)

How Do I Complete My Registration?

To complete your course registration, you must pay your student bill — which moves you from "scheduled" status to "registered" status. Even if you do not owe money (because financial aid or a third party covered all your tuition and fees), you must complete your registration. Follow these instructions about how to complete your registration by paying your bill.

Tip: You can find out when your bill is due each semester on the University Office of the Registrar's website

You will become "registered" upon payment of tuition and fees, or confirmation of registration electronically (i.e., when all charges will be covered by financial aid).

Electronic Bills Only

Important: Penn State only uses electronic bills (eBills), so you will not receive a paper bill in the mail. Check your official Penn State email account for a notification that your eBill is available. You can view and/or pay eBills via eLion.

What if the Course I Want to Schedule is Full?

You can sign up to receive text or email notifications of course openings using eLion's Course Watch List tool:


How Can I Prepare as my Courses Approach?

Prior to the start of your courses, you will receive a "Critical Course Information" email listing the courses you are registered for and linking to additional tips and information to help you prepare: