Dropping a Course

Whether you want to add or drop a course, you will want to consider:

Before making any registration changes, talk with your academic adviser to understand how changing your courses will fit into your academic plan.

How to Drop a Course During the Designated Drop/Add Period

You can use eLion to drop a course:

  1. Log in to eLion.
  2. Select "Schedule" from the menu
  3. Choose "Drop/Add"
  4. Select the appropriate semester
  5. Select "Continue"

You can send an email from your Penn State email account to coursedrops@outreach.psu.edu. Please be sure to include your Penn State ID number, the course number, and the semester. You should also copy your instructor on the email request.

How to Drop Courses in eLion:


Late Dropping a Course

You can drop a course after the designated drop/add period and before the late drop deadline (this will vary by course — refer to “Course Drop Dates” under "Schedule" in eLion for more information), with certain restrictions and requirements:

  • A $6 fee is charged for each course dropped.
  • The courses are entered on the student record.
  • Late dropping could affect your eligibility for financial aid. If you have questions, contact our Office of Student Aid.
  • You may be assessed a tuition penalty if you late drop.
  • Late drop credit limitations during your academic career are:
    • for the baccalaureate degree, 16 credits
    • for the associate degree, 10 credits
    • undergraduate nondegree students, 10 credits

Please note: You can determine how many late drop credits you have remaining by viewing your “Academic Summary” found under your personal profile in eLion. Courses dropped during the late drop period will appear on your student record.

How to Late Drop Courses in eLion: