Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar contains important deadlines for your classes. 

Spring and Fall Semesters

The World Campus follows Penn State's academic calendar for the spring and fall semesters. 

Summer Semester

In the summer semester, most World Campus courses follow the academic calendar listed below.

Please note: Your courses may not follow the same dates that are listed below; please check your syllabus or talk with your instructor if you have questions.

Summer 2014 Academic Calendar

Action Session I–12 weeks Session II–6 weeks Session III–6 weeks
Student Registration Deadline May 19 May 19 July 2
Intent to Graduate May 12–June 20 May 12–June 20 May 12–June 20
Classes Begin May 19 May 19 July 2
Regular Drop Period May 19–27 May 19–22 July 2–July 7
Regular Add Period May 19–8:00 a.m. ET,
May 28
May 19–8:00 a.m. ET,
May 23
July 2–8:00 a.m. ET,
July 8
Late Drop Begins May 28 May 23 July 8
Late Registration Begins May 29 May 24 July 9
Memorial Day Holiday May 26 May 26 N/A
Independence Day Holiday July 4 N/A July 4
Late Drop Deadline July 25 June 18 August 5
Withdrawal Deadline August 13 June 27 August 13
Classes End August 13 June 27 August 13
Final Exams Varies by course. Check your course syllabus.
Commencement August 16