Student ID Card

Penn State World Campus students can receive Penn State student identification cards, which can be used wherever student discounts are offered — movie theaters, bookstores, performing arts centers, etc.

When Will I Receive My ID Card?

A Penn State student ID card will be mailed to you once you have enrolled in your first World Campus course. The card should arrive approximately four to six weeks after the start of your first semester.

Will My Student ID Have a Photo?

Penn State ID cards typically include a student's photo (similar to a driver's license); however, for security reasons, we are unable to issue a student ID with a photo unless you can visit a Penn State ID Card Center to be photographed. If you live close to a Penn State campus, bring your active ID card to the ID center and trade it in for a photo ID card. Penn State ID cards can be used for student discounts whether or not there is a photo on the card.

What Happens If I Lose My Student ID Card?

Lost or stolen cards may be replaced for a fee. Visit id+ online to contact the University Park office directly.