Understanding Penn State and World Campus policies will help you know what to expect as a student and which procedures to follow during your time at Penn State. If you have a question about a policy or procedure not listed, you can consult our Knowledgebase or contact us directly.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity — scholarship free of fraud and deception — is an important educational objective of Penn State. Academic dishonesty can lead to a failing grade or referral to the Office of Judicial Affairs.
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Academic Verification

An academic verification is a document from Penn State that provides proof of enrollment, student status, and graduation, and it includes Penn State federal and state school codes. This is different from a transcript, which contains specific course or grade information.
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Access Account and Information Technology Fee

Your Penn State Access Account will give you access to Penn State courses, Penn State email, Penn State University Library resources, and more.

  • If you're taking for-credit courses, you will receive your account following your acceptance to World Campus. You will be charged a nonrefundable information technology fee as part of your tuition bill. This fee supports the technology infrastructure of the University.
  • Students in noncredit courses will need to sign up for a Friends of Penn State Account.

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Alternative Ways to Earn College Credit

Undergraduate Students Only: There are several ways to earn credits without taking courses: the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), credit by examination, credit by validation, and POLEX and POSIT Training for Police.
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Changing Your Penn State Campus

Undergraduate Students Only: You may need to change your campus for convenience or because of challenges you're facing. To do so, you’ll need to contact your current campus location to make that change.
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Code of Conduct

This page describes behaviors that are inconsistent with the essential values of the University community, as well as which types of behaviors and actions violate University policy.

Confidentiality of Your Records

Student record information is confidential and private. Learn how to update or withhold directory information at Penn State, and also what happens when you request to withhold information.
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Connect Online with Caution

Penn State is committed to educational access for all. Our students come from all walks of life and have diverse life experiences. As with any other online community, the lack of physical interaction in an online classroom can create a false sense of anonymity and security. While one can make new friends online, digital relationships can also be misleading. Good judgment and decision making are critical when choosing to disclose personal information with others whom you do not know.
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Course Drops

Whether you want to add or drop a course, you will want to consider:

  • Is there still time to add or drop a course?
  • Will a change in my course schedule have financial implications?
  • How many late-drop credits do I have remaining?


Course Materials Policy

World Campus is not responsible for refunding the cost of your course materials (purchased through MBS Direct or any other vendor) under any circumstances.
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Deferred Grades

If, for reasons beyond your control, you are prevented from completing a course within the prescribed time frame, you have the option of requesting a deferred grade from your instructor. This lets you continue making progress toward attaining your degree.
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Grading System

At Penn State, course grades are computed by weighing a certain percentage for lesson submissions and a percentage for examinations. The introduction to your course study guide or course website explains the grading for your World Campus course. You may also audit some courses and take some courses for a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade.
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Once you have satisfied all the University, college, and major requirements that were in effect at the time of your most recent admission or re-enrollment as a degree candidate to the University, you will need to apply for graduation.
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Late Add and Late Registration

We understand that there may be times when you need to enroll in a course or register for your first course of the semester after the designated add period. In general, students will not be added to courses after the third week of class.
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Online Placement Assessment

Undergraduate Students Only: Some Penn State mathematics courses have prerequisites. If you have not completed the prerequisite course at Penn State (or an equivalent course at another school), you must take the appropriate placement assessment.
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Refund Policy

Learn about the financial implications of withdrawing, and also the ways in which Penn State refunds a credit balance on your account.
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Student ID Card

You can use your student ID card wherever student discounts are offered — movie theaters, bookstores, performing arts centers, etc. Learn about how to obtain yours.
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Taking Exams and Securing a Proctor

Penn State requires written proctor verification to ensure academic integrity and maintain accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Your proctor is responsible for maintaining the academic integrity of the exam process on behalf of Penn State.
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An official transcript is the University’s certified statement of your academic record. Find out how to request your transcript.
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Transferring Credits

Undergraduate Students Only: At Penn State, advanced-standing credits may be awarded for college-level work taken at regionally accredited institutions, provided:

  • the course grade you earned is equivalent to a grade of A, B, or C (2.0) at Penn State
  • there is an equivalent course at Penn State
  • the credits are useful to your program of study

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Tuition Adjustment Policy

Beginning with the first day of classes, if you drop below full-time status or below your originally registered credit level, you may be assessed a tuition penalty. Learn more about how withdrawing and tuition adjustment can impact you.
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Withdrawing from the Semester

If you are unable to complete the semester, you may choose to withdraw from the semester. Please keep in mind that there could be numerous academic and financial implications of withdrawing. We recommend talking with your adviser about different options before withdrawing.
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