Paying For Your Education

Your education is one of the most important investments you can make for your future. We understand there are financial challenges in reaching your education goals. You most likely have household expenses to manage; you may also have child-care and medical expenses — or maybe you're putting your kids through college at the same time you're considering going back to school.

Estimate Your Tuition

Use our tuition estimator to learn the approximate cost-per-credit and other fees for your program.

Penn State's Payment Process

How Do I Complete My Registration and Pay My Bill?

Follow these step-by-step instructions about how to complete your registration and pay your bill.

Financial Implications of Not Completing Your Registration

Your registration is not considered complete until you have paid your tuition, or confirmed via eLion that your tuition will be covered by financial aid or by a third party. If you don't complete your registration, you may be cancelled from classes and marked ineligible to enroll in future courses. Review the entire list of financial implications at the University Registrar website.

Payment Options Available to You

Financial Aid

Learn about federal financial aid eligibility requirements and how to apply for aid.

Scholarships and Other Types of Aid

We have numerous scholarships available for eligible World Campus students. Learn more about requirements and the application process.
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In addition, you can visit Penn State’s Office of Student Aid to:

  • learn more about how to apply for scholarships and other types of aid
  • keep up-to-date with important student aid policies
  • learn about private scholarships (includes a private scholarship list, community resources, and Internet scholarship searches)

Third-Party Payments

Payment of your tuition and fees may be made by a third party — your company, for example. Follow these steps to complete the third party payment process.
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Payment Plan Options

Penn State has many payment options available, which let you choose from paying your tuition bill in one lump sum or over several payments throughout the semester. View a complete listing of payment plan options on the Office of the Bursar's website.

Paying for Books and Other Non-Billable Expenses

Financial aid refunds can assist you with educational expenses outside of your tuition and fees. If eligible, you can use financial aid refunds for the cost of your books. However, refunds may not be available until after classes have begun, and World Campus does not offer book vouchers. For more information on non-billable expenses and how it relates to your student aid, visit the Student Aid Summary Guide.

Additional Tips

  • Speak with your organization's human resources department to learn what types of aid are offered to employees.
  • After you have scheduled your courses, don’t forget to complete your registration and pay your bill in eLion. Even if you do not owe money (because financial aid or a third party covered all your tuition and fees), you must log into eLion to complete your registration.