Taking Exams and Securing a Proctor

The Proctor's Role

Your proctor is responsible for maintaining the academic integrity of the exam process on behalf of Penn State. If the proctor believes that the exam process has been compromised, he or she can interrupt the exam. Whether or not the exam is stopped, the proctor will report the incident to the World Campus and will share the information with your course instructor, who will decide on the appropriate action, consistent with the University's policy on academic integrity.

Using Examity for Online Proctored Exams (For Eligible Courses)

Some courses use Examity to administer online proctored exams. Consult your course syllabus to determine if your exams will support and require Examity. If your course is using the online proctoring tool, follow the Examity instructions to create an account and schedule your exam sessions.

What You Need to Know before You Find a Proctor

  • To find out how your course's exams will be proctored, you can review your course syllabus in ANGEL or Canvas.
  • Depending on your location, you may have different options for finding a proctor for your exams:
    • If you live near Penn State’s University Park campus, you can schedule exams at the Outreach Testing Center.
    • If you live near another Penn State campus, you may be able to schedule exams with another campus proctor. Contact us for more information.
    • If you do not live in Pennsylvania or near another campus, you will need to find a suitable proctor in your area.
  • Your proctor must meet our requirements, and you must submit documentation verifying your proctor's qualifications before your proctor can be approved.
  • Your proctor must be approved before any exams can be taken.

How to Make Proctor Arrangements and Take Exams

Follow these steps to ensure that you will be ready to take your exam with an approved proctor:

  1. Decide whether you will take exams at an exam center or with an individual proctor.
  2. If you plan to take exams with an individual proctor, your proctor must be approved. For new proctors, review our proctor requirements to ensure that your proctor is qualified and collect any required documentation of the proctor's position.
  3. Nominate your proctor for approval using our proctored exam portal. You will receive an email from records@outreach.psu.edu to your Penn State email account, notifying you whether your proctor has been approved.
  4. When your proctor is approved, or if you decide to take your exam at an exam center, log in to our proctored exam portal and choose the proctor or exam center for the exam you wish to schedule.
  5. Once you have chosen your proctor or exam center, you must still schedule the exam.
  • For the Outreach Testing Center, you can schedule your exam in the proctored exam portal.
  • For any other testing center, or for an individual proctor, you must contact the exam center or proctor to schedule the exam. Note that some exam centers require two weeks' advance notice to schedule exams.
  1. Review our exam procedures to prepare for your exam. You and your proctor will both also receive email reminders of your exam and our exam procedures.
  2. Take your exam at your scheduled exam time and location. You must begin your exam at the beginning of the exam time you have scheduled. Contact the HelpDesk if you or your proctor experience any technical difficulties with accessing the exam.
  3. If you are unable to take your exam during the scheduled exam dates, you must notify us:
  • Notify your proctor and determine whether you can reschedule the exam within the scheduled exam dates.
  • If you must reschedule the exam outside the exam dates, contact the course instructor to get permission. The course instructor can determine whether the exam can be taken outside the scheduled dates and provide access to the exam accordingly. The instructor should email permission to World Campus at records@outreach.psu.edu.
  • Notify World Campus in advance of any changes to your exam arrangements at 800-252-3592.

If you have not taken your exam on the scheduled date and you have not rescheduled the exam, your proctor is required to contact the World Campus.