Jerre Engelmann

About Me

Jerre Engelmann
Munson, Pennsylvania
Alma Mater: 
Penn State, Bradley University
Penn Stater since: 
The best thing about working at the HelpDesk is, there is a great team atmosphere here, with a common goal of resolving whatever problem we are presented with.

You might not know this about me, but I used to be a carpenter and did commercial construction for a few years. I still enjoy building things.

My favorite place to eat is Giordano's; I lived in Chicago for ten years, and I miss that Chicago pizza.

When it comes to Mac vs. PC, I use both, but most often I’m on the PC. If I’m doing digital art or need to optimize images for a website, I use the Mac, since I have my graphics software there.

If asked about my favorite computer game, I can’t pick just one! A few favorites are Portal/Portal 2, the Halo series, Half Life 2, L4D, the Metroid series (except for Other M—that was a huge disappointment), and BioShock.

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