Our Career Services

From a phone conversation lasting no more than 15 minutes, to multiple career counseling appointments supplemented with career-related research, career planning can happen in many forms. We understand that you lead a busy life. Our goal is to make sure that we help you reach your professional goals no matter what kind of time commitment you require.

Schedule a Career Counseling Appointment

Currently enrolled World Campus undergraduate and graduate students can contact our career counselor directly to have a brief discussion or to schedule a more extensive appointment. Career planning and academic planning are closely connected, and Lynn encourages you to schedule a career-counseling appointment as early as your first semester.

To better understand the role that a career counselor can play in your planning process, or if you have never worked with a career counselor before, refer to the why seek career counseling section of our website.

Getting in touch with a career counselor is an easy, two-step process:

  1. Submit a Career Counseling Referral Form.
  2. Contact Lynn, the World Campus career counselor, to schedule an appointment. You will receive Lynn's contact information upon completion of the form.

Take a Career Assessment

Career assessment tests are self-report questionnaires that use information about an individual to identify possible career matches. Test takers may identify vocational interests, values, skills, or abilities in the process of career assessment. Contact our career counselor to determine if you can benefit from a career assessment. Career Services offers several career assessments that can be completed online at your convenience, including the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the Kuder Journey career assessments

Practice Your Interviewing Skills 24/7

Registered World Campus students can practice interviewing from the privacy of home, using InterviewStream, a simulated online interview website. Using a webcam and web access, you can practice interviewing by responding to prerecorded questions, as well as review your verbal and nonverbal skills. The system lets you select a set of questions suited to your needs. The short InterviewStream Quick Start Guide can help you get started.

Advice from career experts is available around the clock on InterviewStream. Learn tips from interview experts, such as how to answer difficult questions, and ways to prepare for and follow up after an interview. Your interviews are recorded and stored securely, but are accessible for trusted others to view, such as your mentor or a counselor.

Base-level career planning and advice is available without restrictions. Career counseling that crosses into more in-depth and complex issues of discussion is available unless a U.S. state or another territory expressly prohibits such service delivery from Pennsylvania.