Online Tutoring

How Tutoring Works at a Distance

Tutoring sessions for World Campus students are available through Penn State Learning and take place in Blackboard Collaborate, a web collaboration tool with a built-in chat feature and headset–microphone communication capabilities.

Students make an appointment through their online appointment scheduler, "show up" at the appointed time to the session, and use chat to correspond with the tutor. Students are also encouraged to evaluate the tutoring process, using online surveys to submit feedback following their tutoring sessions.

Math Tutoring

Peer tutors can help you answer questions, review materials for tests and quizzes, provide test preparation and test-taking tips, and assist you in establishing short- and long-term study goals for free. Available for MATH 004 (Intermediate Algebra), MATH 021 (College Algebra), MATH 022 (College Algebra and Analytic Geometry), MATH 034 (The Mathematics of Money), and MATH 110 (Techniques of Calculus).

Writing Tutoring

Peer tutors will engage you in conversation to help you clarify your purpose, better address your audience, and strengthen supporting evidence, all at no charge. Available for ENGL, CAS and writing intensive courses (W and Y suffix courses) as well as an other writing project in an undergraduate course.

ECON 102 and 104 Tutoring

Tutoring for ECON 102 (Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy) and ECON 104 (Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy) is offered online through study sessions with a tutor. You'll have the opportunity to discuss readings, develop organizational tools, learn how to integrate course content with study skills, prepare for exams, and connect with your classmates.

STAT 200 Tutoring

Tutoring for STAT 200 (Elementary Statistics) can help you develop organizational tools, prepare for exams, and learn how to integrate course content and study skills.

Accounting and Finance Tutoring

Students in ACCTG 211 (Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making) and FIN 301 (Corporation Finance) have access to group tutoring sessions conducted via Blackboard Collaborate and Skype, as well as private tutoring sessions. The tutor is a graduate of Penn State Lehigh Valley’s Bachelor of Science in Business program and holds a graduate degree in business/finance. For more information on this service, contact your course instructor.

Contact Your Professors

You can always take advantage of the support that is already available to you in your courses. Your professor or instructor is your best resource for helping you with course content you find challenging. He or she will know best what you need to do to be successful in the course and can answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask them about resources that may be available to you, such as a course webpage or other online resources.

Also, you can use the “discussion forum” in your course ANGEL site to find other students who can answer questions for you, or set up a study group with classmates using the ANGEL chat feature, or Skype.